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Cookbook Love: Joyous Health by Joy McCarthy

Posted on January 28 2014


The skinny: Joy McCarthy, holistic nutritionist and healthy food expert for Steven and Chris, has published her first book. 


The pros: The first half lays out some healthy eating solutions, talks about supplements, and give great health tips. Her recipes are quite simple, with not a lot of expensive or rare ingredients.


The cons: While I appreciate the recipes and health tips, I felt that this book is for someone who is just starting on a healthy path, which I chose almost a decade ago. (As such, it's an ideal gift for a college student living on their own for the first time.)


Rip out this page: Page 116, featuring a 10-day healthy-eating plan that's great for menu and grocery planning. It's a savvy way to stay on budget, and to keep yourself from reaching for that 3 p.m. bag of chips.


The aftertaste: If you're interested in getting healthy, ditching diets, and learning more about holistic eating, this book is a 10/10.




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