Brand Test Drive: Seventh Generation

Posted on April 24 2014


We use only eco friendly products in The Studio at LAB, in our homes, and on our baby. Thus we're testing a whole bunch of Seventh Generation products. 


Free and Clear wipes (free of parabens and phthalates, hypoallergenic) - I like how soft and sturdy these wipes are, however I find them to be a bit dry. A little more moisture would be nice. 

Free and Clear Diapers - These diapers are free of chemicals. They didn't leak once during our one week test drive. They left my son without a diaper rash which he is quite prone to. At .37 cents per diaper (size 4), I find that to be quite pricey in comparison to the brand we usually use (.22 cents each) which we have tried so many. That said, when he has a flare up we will have a bag on hand to help with the healing.


Personal Care:

Mandarin Facial Wipes - These wipes felt great on my sensitive skin, the scent was delicate and natural. Took off make up too! I found my face to feel quite dry afterward, and needed to moisturize.  

Lavender Cleansing Bar Soap - Being very sensitive to lavender scented (natural) products, I was wary when I opened the box and took a deep breath. I was pleasantly surprised  to not get an instant headache!



Natural Dishwasher Detergent Gel - Cleans a lot better than I would have thought, as in the past other natural brands have failed me. Not one dirty utensil left behind or residue on glasses.


Natural 4x Laundry Detergent (free and clear) - Clothing comes out feeling soft and clean. Scent free which is what we prefer. I will buy this detergent in the future, really like how it cleaned our clothes. 


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