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Crystal Jewelry that doesn't suck. Samata Stones has my heart.

Posted on May 29 2018

Crystal Jewelry that doesn't suck. Samata Stones has my heart.

When I decided that I needed certain stones on my body at all times (rose quartz, moonstone, jade, fluorite, sunstone, carnelian, and the list goes on) I started by carrying heaps of stones in my pockets, bra, and even tucked in my underwear band. It was getting to be a bit much. However, crystal jewelry didn't really speak to me due to a metal allergy, and the fact that a lot of the jewelry I was seeing really didn't suit my style. I also, never accessorize, ever. 

The day my stones spilled out of my bra in front of some new friends was the same day I found Samata Stones on Instagram. Divine timing, I'll say. 

I checked out their site, which to my delight was laid out beautifully. Something many metaphysical shops have yet to employ. Have patience, I'm trying.

You can shop by stone, dosha, style, and chakra. Genius. I devoured the entire site. Also, free shipping on U.S. orders $50+ & Canadian orders $100+ is pretty great.

Here are my picks:

The Benevolence of Spirit necklace features a 14K gold filled chain strung with smoky quartz stones and a matte gold (plated) U-shape pendant.  Pairs perfectly with a tank or t-shirt.  The necklace chain measures 28" long with the pendant sitting at the sternum.

Smoky quartz qualities include:

  • centering

  • grounding

  • removes negativity, encourages positivity

  • protective

  • calming



The Receptivity necklace is a beautiful, easy to wear piece that features a 14K gold filled chain and pendant from which a raw labradorite stone gracefully hangs.  This necklace is perfect to wear with your favorite t-shirt or summer dress.  The necklace chain measures 28" long with the stone sitting at the solar plexus.

Labradorite's beneficial qualities include:

  • excellent stone to assist through change

  • supports transformation imparts strength and perseverance

  • stimulates imagination

  • calms an overactive mind



The Spark of Divinity bracelet  is our classy take on the traditional mala bracelet.  It features an elegant sterling silver tassel bead flanked by iolite stones and sterling silver accents.  This bracelet is great for balancing kapha dosha.

Iolite is also known for:

  • inner-strength, confidence

  • restores balance from lack of motivation, disorganization



  • inspires creative self-expression; excellent for artists and creatives

  • aids in understanding and releasing the causes of addiction, taking responsibility for yourself and overcoming co-dependency



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