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Posted on December 01 2013

If you are involved in the yoga community in Toronto, you've probably heard about Y Yoga making its way from the West Coast to Toronto. When Y Yoga finally opened its doors this fall, I was pumped to check out the successful West Coast chain for myself.

The studio has a futuristic feel to it, with high ceilings, white walls and minimalist furniture. I was greeted by 5 friendly staff (Note: they are definitely ready for a heard of yogis to enter the door). I rented my mat and towel (Note: They passed the mat and towel rental test - they are slide resistant and don't stink…at least yet). I was relieved when I was guided to the change room and not left to wander the large hallways.

To get to class upstairs, I had to take an elevator (standing in an elevator barefoot is a weird, even in a yoga studio). In the elevator I went from worrying I was going to disrupt the class that had already started, to worrying that I would be stuck in the elevator the whole class. Luckily the doors opened and I slid into class.

Half way through savasana I remembered hearing that all Y Yoga studios have a sauna. On my way out of class I walked past a wood room filled with construction workers and quickly realized that I wouldn’t being taking a sauna. The rain shower and free body care products would suffice. 

The change room experience was definitely a highlight (beside the great class). There were no elbows or bums to avoid and there was plenty of space to store your stuff and get changed.  The showers are dreamy, with rain shower heads that are bigger than my face. There’s shampoo and conditioner so no need to haul around your own products (huge bonus!).Getting ready I used every single product and even made a new friend (Note: the students seem to be a nice and friendly bunch). I headed out of the studio with a little bit more energy, softer skin and better smelling hair.


Until next time Y Yoga! I’ll be back for my Intro Month (when the sauna opens of course)!


PS Since my visit, the sauna has opened! 


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