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Muses: Faith Orfus

Posted on November 20 2013


Who are you and what do you do? 

Faith Orfus; co-owner of RAC Boutique. I'm a buyer, retailer, visual merchandiser, entrepreneur, and all-around shop girl.


What are you currently working on (if you can share)?

I'm currently planning for 2 holiday pop-up shops on Ossington, in addition to readying my Yorkville shop for the holidays. 


Which style icons speak to you the most?

Kate Moss for her over all sense of style, Jenna Lyons for her business/creative direction and all-around cool factor, Diane Kruger for risk-taking fashion, Christy Turlington for her classic beauty and yogi/healthy lifestyle.


Which item in your wardrobe are you head over heels for? 

Super hard question, but if i had to choose it would be my Lindsey Thornburg cloak. It was the first personal item of clothing I bought myself from the store; It's bright and colourful,  which is in  stark contrast to my mostly black wardrobe. Every time I put it on I feel special and it usually gets a few head turns. Not to mention it reminds me why I do what I do.  


What current trend do you love, and what current trend do you hate?

I'm loving the masculine fabrics and cuts mixed with tons of leather and lots of layering. I'm not a fur girl and that's a big trend these days.


Best place you've ever traveled to?

Too hard to answer, different places for different reasons but if forced it would be India.


What was the last album you listened to? Lately, I've been listening to Charlotte Gainsbourg in the shop.


India or Thailand? Been to both and India always wins.


What is the best meal you've ever eaten?

Difficult  choice between steak in Buenos Aires, Argentina or the time I had Octopus on a boat in the middle of the ocean off the cost of  Fethiye, Turkey. Secretly though, I hoping I haven't had it yet. 


Find Faith and Rac Boutique:

    Twitter       @racboutique

    Instagram @racboutique





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