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Muses: Claire Edmondson

Posted on December 04 2013

I met Claire in the early '00s, and I've watched her grow so much in the last few years. I'm so proud of the brilliant director she has become; her ideas are always so haunting and beautiful.


Who are you and what do you do?


- Claire Edmondson; A filmmaker - I currently direct music videos, fashion films, commercials have a web series called "It Girl" in development.


What are you currently working on (if you can share)? 

- Working on personal projects and pitching on commercials


Which style icons speak to you the most?

- Probably Kate Moss, as she never looks like she's trying. 


Avedon or Newton?

- Newton


Cassavetes or Kubrick?

- Cassavetes


Day or Night?

- Night


What was the last album you listened to?

- The Stone Roses, self-titled


LA or NYC?



Zara or Cos?

- Zara


Helmut Lang or Alexander Wang?

- Usually I'd say Alexander Wang, but I currently have pair of Helmut Lang pants that I have to fight myself from wearing everyday.


Which item in your wardrobe are you head over heels for?

- My Fendi shoes with a super elegant, classic Fendi Gold chain around the ankle and the perfect high heel that is neither a stiletto nor chunky.  I've had them for about 3 years and still giggle with delight when I put them on.  Also, men are always complimenting me on them, not that that matters to me, but it's a funny thing I've noticed when I wear them. 


You can follow Claire @ccedmondson on Twitter and instagram


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