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It needs to be said. Uggs are NOT snow boots. My alternative suggestions...

Posted on December 16 2013

I started my career in footwear, ladies wear, and lingerie. After attending college for Fashion Merchandising, I shifted my focus to specialty footwear, and fittings. I know my stuff. That said, I have something to say about classic Ugg boots. They are not meant to be worn as winter boots and it drives me NUTS that I continue to see women trudging through the snow, salt, and slush in these soggy boots.

They are simply shearling boots with a hard foam sole. That's it. Warmth. Not water proof, not salt proof, nothing weather proof. It just seems silly to me that women spend the hefty price tag to get them ruined in one snowy season! However most women continue to wear them again and again although soggy and so unattractive.

If you're looking for a functional and stylish (most beg to differ that Classic Uggs are stylish) winter boot, these are my reccomendations. 


Ugg Adirondack II Winter Boot (I'm currently on my second pair, the first lasted 6 Canadian winters!)

Super warm, cute, and have the Vibram sole that never breaks down. CAD $298


 Aquatalia by Marvin K. 'Famous' Bootie $441 at Nordstrom

I used to sell Aquatalia for years. Great construction, weather proof, and come in LOTS of different styles. Below is my pick for a more hip fashionable style.


Aigle Aiglentaine Fur Rubber Boot from Rac Boutique $225

These wellies are great, made in France and totally fun for fall and winter. The fur lining extends the wear into the winter months. 




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