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Muses: Misty Fox

Posted on January 02 2014


Who are you and what do you do?

I work on film and TV sets doing make-up and special effects. I also work with actresses and musicians for red-carpet events and TV spots. I am currently acting in a series that is in pre-production. I am a full-time mother of a magical six-year-old girl named Violet. 


What are you currently working on (if you can share)?

I am helping write the series I will be acting in—it's a comedy, so I write things I think people will laugh at. I have recently been working a lot with NKPR doing make-up for a lot of their TV segments for their clients. There have been quite a few early mornings at channels that host breakfast television—I can be found in the greenroom sucking the coffee out of the machine at 5 a.m. Ha ha! 


Which style icons speak to you the most?

I admire women whose style has transcended time and stood still in its beauty while trends swirled around and fizzled out. These women were creators of trends that keep coming back. Sure, the cavewoman made leopard skin into a skirt, but Debbie Harry rocked the leopard print with disco-inspired lamé fabrics. The style icons I look up to are powerful, feminine women who aren’t afraid of a heavy liner or red lips. I like the sexiness of Debbie Harry, the soft tragedy of Marilyn, the boyishness of Twiggy. 

I would describe my style as boho-meets-preppy. Modern-day trendsetters are just reviving old styles and perhaps mixing them up into new combinations… kinda like what music is doing. 


What current trend do you love, and what current trend do you hate?

I am over the Coachella-inspired gypsy-sex-kitten-in-high-waisted-shorts look, yep. 

I am also not into peplums and print-mixing to an extreme. 

I am in love with two-piece sets, like high-waisted pants and a matching crop top in murky florals or rich solid colours. I love two-piece dress sets straight out of the 1940s, silk rompers, and denim overalls. 


London or NYC? 

Well, I have lived in London, I have not lived in NYC. People seem happier in NYC, and I think that has something to do with the wages verses prices, compared to London. I adore NYC and have so many friends there, and I go there quite a bit, so I would say NYC. But I do love London. 


What was the last album you listened to?

I listened to the new Beyonce album because everyone would not shut up about it on Facebook. 


What is your most treasured vintage find? 

A multi-coloured jacket I found at Courage My Love: it's cropped, and made from Pendleton blankets with leather panels and fringing. It's really beautiful and wacky. I think it's the kind of jacket you wear with jeans and an old white or black t-shirt. 


What make-up item can you not stop talking about?

Kat Von D’s metallic-matte red lipstick—the shade is called Adora. 


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