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Store of the Month: CHOSEN Vintage

Posted on March 26 2014

Vintage: An original period garment that is at least 20 years old.



A lot has been written of late about the vintage "trend," a term that irks me so much. I have been wearing vintage for over half of my life—it's not a trend, it's a style. Dressing in vintage is great for the environment (as is consignment-store shopping!), it's generally easier on the wallet, and it's fun to add a bit of (or a lot of) nostalgia to your wardrobe.

I used to wear vintage head-to-toe but, over the years, my collection has dwindled and I now just have select amazing pieces sprinkled here and there in my closet. Most of these pieces have been acquired through LAB, but the ones that weren't likely came from CHOSEN Vintage, which is, in my opinion, one of Toronto's best vintage stores.

Owner Melissa Ball has the eye. The eye that finds the pieces that vintage and fashion lovers want to wear, before the magazines tell you to. She is an early adopter, and she always looks rad. 

Melissa has worked in vintage for over a decade and has established great connections in Toronto and Vancouver through which she sources the best vintage finds. (A tip: never ask a vintage store owner where they get their stock from—it's generally not discussed. It's like asking magicians how they do their tricks.)

CHOSEN was born in 2009 at the 107 Shaw gallery (RIP), where Melissa was the co-founder of a monthly group pop-up market (and where LAB and CHOSEN became fast friends). When the gallery closed in 2010, Melissa and CHOSEN joined LAB in the Silver Falls space on the up-and-coming Ossington strip. In 2011, CHOSEN moved around the corner to 960 Queen St. W.—first upstairs, and now in the ground-level storefront space formerly occupied by Ruins.

The racks and shelves at Chosen are stocked with great pieces spanning the '50s to the '90s; Melissa also tie-dyes vintage silk blouses, tees, and tanks a few times a year. This is store is not to be missed. LAB loves CHOSEN, and you should, too!


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