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Posted on September 05 2014



At NKPR's IT Lounge, I was greeted with a Tromba Tequila and Bottlegreen cocktail. It was 11:58am. I accepted. Yum. I'm a tequila girl through and through. I sampled The Toronto Sunset cocktail - Tromba Blanco, Bottlegreen Elderflower Cordial, Lime, grapefruit juice and zest. I will be making and drinking these for the rest of our Indian summer. 



A few weeks ago we attended the NKPR Rudsak Festival Countdown, it was a blast. Rudsak makes cool and chic leather goods and are celebrating 20 years. Cheers to Rudsak! Our Rudsak collection is here.  


By now our readers must know how much we love natural wellness. NKPR's IT Lounge introduced me to Saje Natural Wellness products. They are a Canadian company from the west coast, who are about to launch in Ontario and have a major online presence. This could be dangerous for me. We were treated to an Aromageni Ultrasonic Nebulizer and several aromas to use with it. It promises to reduce dust and other common allergens from your home, office, or classroom, while revitalizing the mind, body, and spirit. I spoke with the owner and mentioned my son was coughing and she was happy to advise me on how to use this product and I was blown away. I plugged it in at his bedtime and it was heavenly. I could hear his cough getting better through the night. I love this product.

They also gifted a Pocket Pharmacy which came in handy mere hours later! My dinner dates were both not feeling great, one was over full and the other was fighting a cold. I got out the handy pocket pharmacy and magic! Within 45 mins my pals were on the mend. Seriously. I'm sold. 





At the Bask It Lounge in the swank Royal Suite at the Fairmont Royal York, celebs are treated to a bounty of products delivered right to their hotel door.

Our top picks:

Brickworks Ciderhouse - A premium dry cider, made in Toronto. So crisp and yummy and not sickly sweet like other brands. Now available at the LCBO. 


La Trappe Tripel Beer: The Brewery De Koningshoeven markets five special beers under the brand name La Trappe. We fell in love with Tripel. Tripel (8% alcohol) is a dark Trappist lager with a fruity, bittersweet taste. This brewery in the Netherlands is housed in a monastery. The monks of the abbey are the ultimate authority on the brewing process. So interesting! 


Province Apothecary - Disclaimer. We were already huge fans of this local brand. We had to include our love for their Parfum Botanique No. 19 Charm.

South African Rose Geranium / French Lavender / Egyptian Geranium
The soft + efflorescent scent awakens your inner romantic, comforting your loving heart and kindling your generous spirit.

Yes please!




Studio 1098 had me by my heart strings. They make these cute name plate tag necklaces in sterling silver with your little ones name and birth date. Awwwww.


Oh and you should check out this web series called Ryan Gosling Must Be Stopped. It's kind of awesome. 

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  • Mohamed: December 28, 2015

    They make their homes (not sure where?) from all the socks that go missing in the wasinhg machine .which would mean they hang out a lot by wasinhg machines .sadly, have never ever managed to get near one to have a word!

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