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Winter Skin Care and Beauty Junkie post!

Posted on December 18 2016


We love the story of how Mereadesso began:

"Putting her degrees in chemistry and botany to good use, cosmetic aficionado Linda Stephenson developed a single-step skincare solution teeming with minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, enzymes and botanical extracts that were globally sourced for their purity and effectiveness.

Mèreadesso was born. And Linda rendered the beauty regime she helped create obsolete. Oops."

Our faves are:

All-in-one Moisturizer - a complete multi-vitamin, antioxidant and mineral supplement for the skin. 50ml $126

Tinted All-In-One Moisturizer - Just like the original, it’s an all-in-one moisturizer, serum, primer, day cream, and eye cream. Still made with 16 botanical extracts, 8 minerals and enzymes, and over 20 antioxidants from around the world. However, the Tinted All-In-One takes all that love to the next level, by also acting as a concealer that helps even out your skin tone. 20ml $48

Don't forget the travel sachets with resealable closure!



Sea Monster - My 4 year old loves this stuff!!  (GIFT ALERT)

Begin by unwrapping Fun from the biodegradable cellophane just as you would an enormous piece of candy. Save the wrapper for when playtimes over. To use as soap or shampoo, pinch off a small bit in your hand (or on a bath pouf) and hop in the tub, lathering from head, shoulders, knees to toes. If you fancy a bubble bath, crumble a small chunk under a warm running tap for mountains of suds. $7.95

Dream Cream - The cream of my dreams that soothes my troubled skin. 240g $29.95 (GIFT ALERT)

The calming blend of oat milk, lavender and chamomile goes to work soothing sensitive skin. Olive oil and cocoa butter are perfectly suited and incredibly effective for dry or chapped skin, and are especially gentle for even the most sensitive types.  


YES YES YES Massage Bar - My favorite scent, Jasmine, and the creamyness of this massage bar makes this another must. 50g $11.95 - (GIFT ALERT)

Beautiful cocoa butter and sweet almond oil glide easily onto the skin to keep it soft and supple. Lust also kisses every part of your body with its delicate jasmine scent.


Zodiac Oval Soaps 250g $15. (GIFT ALERT)

A limited-edition vegetable-based soap infused with a lush fresh scent depending on the star sign of your choosing.







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