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Atelier Cologne

Atelier Cologne Cologne Trio Gift Box 30ml x 3 Scents (2 sets avail) NEW

$135.00 CAD

Included in branded gift box:

Clementine California

This is the perfect moment to explore fruity and sweet scents from Italy, Turkey and Haiti. A wonderful blend of natural fragrances that will make your imagination travel towards exotic countries and a windless summer day.

With its sunny composition built around Clementine scents from Italy, Clémentine California created by Atelier Cologne is the ideal summer perfume but can also be a subtle reminder of warm days during winter. Sweet smelling notes of juniper berries from Turkey and Vetiver from Haiti also make this unisex fragrance a must for those who want to be the centre of olfactory attention. After all, there is nothing more sensual than a delicate summer scent in a room. 

The formula of the Clémentine California perfume is made from 92% renewable natural origin ingredients of the highest quality. 


Vanilla Insensee

A sweet, yet somehow woody vanilla scent makes her turn around. She knows this perfume more than well. It is the fragrance of past memories. Her eyes are searching for the person who is wearing it. Suddenly, love is in the air. Once again. 

The pure perfume Vanille Insensée by Atelier Cologne is a unisex fragrance that plays with the unexpected, addictive contrast between vanilla and woody moss. Among its exotic perfume ingredients you will find vanilla from Madagascar, lime from Mexico and cilantro from Russia. Warm and audacious olfactory notes in a beautiful perfume bottle! 

The formula of the Vanille Insensée perfume is made from 91% renewable natural origin ingredients of the highest quality. 


Pomelo Paradis


The choice of a perfume can influence your destiny. It is also a reflection of your character. With a freshfruity fragrance you can add a touch of passionate determination and sparkling energy to your personality.

The juicy citrus perfume Pomélo Paradis is true to its name: its fruity, fresh scent will open you the doors to an olfactory paradise of overwhelming emotions. Made of Pomelo from Florida, Mandarin from Italy and Vetiverfrom Haiti, this Citrus fragrance for men and women will remind you of delicious, exotic fruits ripening in the warm sun. Zesty and refreshing! 

The formula of the Pomélo Paradis perfume is made from 93% renewable natural origin ingredients of the highest quality. 



Each 30ml retails for $60 - $75 USD

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