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CHANEL GLOSS LUMIÈRE MIROIR D’EAU Iridescent Top Coat For Eyes, Lips And Cheeks NIB

$25.00 CAD
A shimmering gloss for the eyes, lips and face with subtle rosy iridescence. Worn alone, the gloss creates a radiant, fresh look with iridescent nuances of pink. Layered on top of makeup, it injects new life into eyeshadow, blush and lip colour. A seamless texture glides on effortlessly.

How To Use: GLOSS LUMIÈRE Miroir d’Eau can be used in many ways. Use the fingertips or the included brush to apply the gloss:

  • to the parts you want to attract the light, such as the cheekbones, bridge of the nose and chin.
  • ,
  • over eyeshadow to add dimension and illuminate the eyes
  • ,
  • over lipstick or as a lip gloss
  • ,
  • Apply the gloss to the middle of the lips for the illusion of extra volume.
  • ,
  • Apply the gloss on top of silvery eyeshadow to create the impression of light reflecting on water and to illuminate the eyes.
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  • 4g