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Chanel L'Huile Vanille Massage Oil NIB 250 ml*

$185.00 CAD


Initially created for the CHANEL au Ritz Paris Spa, the body oils enhance an art of massage, which is holistic and deeply relaxing. Their scent unlocks the imagination. Their texture is divine. Their properties beneficial. Each bottle reveals a bouquet of sensations.

L’HUILE VANILLE. Delectable and enveloping. A fresh bouquet recalling lime blossoms and lily of the valley melts into a sweet musky and gourmand vanilla amber accord. Tinged with childhood memories, its sweetness enwraps the body in a delicious cocoon.


L’HUILE VANILLE leaves the skin wonderfully soft, perfectly moisturized, delicately perfumed.


L’HUILE VANILLE is composed of 98% natural-origin ingredients and an iconic raw material of the House: vanilla planifolia, the star ingredient of SUBLIMAGE, the iconic CHANEL skincare.

The formula is enriched with Helianthus annuus flower oil, chosen for its purity and biocompatibility with the skin, and grown with respect for the plant’s biological cycles. Like a ray of sunshine for the skin, it delivers nourishment, warmth, well-being and a revitalizing sensation.

Application ritual

CHANEL body oils can be used to massage the entire body, using circular movements, preferably after your bath or shower.

They can also be used to beautify the hair: apply to lengths and ends before washing.


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