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CHANEL OMBRE PREMIÈRE Exclusive Creation - Limited Edition - Creamy Powder Eyeshadow #58 NEW

$15.00 CAD $30.00 CAD

A new powdery cream eyeshadow texture that is easy to wear and apply, embossed with a vintage CHANEL button ornament on its surface. Applied in a halo, it makes the eyes twinkle with soft or intense metallic light. Available in two shades: Grandeur, an antique metallic gold and Pourpre Brun, an earthy tone infused with an amethyst purple
  • How To Apply Eyeshadow: “Grandeur” and “Pourpre Brun” blend beautifully or can be worn separately. The two shades can also be used as a base for a richer or creamier texture. “Grandeur” is a perfect eye makeup base that heightens a luxurious effect. “Pourpre Brun” emphasizes and intensely brings out any eye colour.
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