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Institut Esthederm

Esthederm: Excellage Eye Contour Care NIB 15ml

$78.00 CAD

Esthederm scientific research has developed an innovative ingredient, «Smart Polysaccharide», able to reactivate the skin's communication system, essential to its maintenance and firmness. Inspired by Naos ecobiological approach, the Excellage range is a genuine concentrate of skincare efficacy and indulgence. Excellage enables better cellular communication, which restores tissue cohesion and dermal density, strengthens the epidermal barrier, enhances radiance and boosts hydration and nutrition, due to its Cellular Water.



Skin Types:



  • The eye area is intensely comfortable and nourished, appearing visibly fresher and luminous
  • The appearance of dark circles and puffiness is reduced
  • Day after day, wrinkles and crow’s feet appear diminished
  • The eye area is firmer and more toned, for a younger appearance and a full range of expression