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Fresh Rose Morning Eau de Parfum 100ml NEW

$70.00 CAD

*not in cello

Not your grandmother's rose perfume, Rose Morning Eau de Parfum is a light, modern floral fragrance that smells just like fresh cut roses—and your fresh Rose skincare faves.

Top notes: rose petal, violet leaf, black currant

Middle notes: Bulgarian rose, peach flower, freesia

Bottom notes: white tea, velvet musk, warm amber

“Rose loves the morning. Silky fresh air gently wakes her up and whispers that the sun is about to come. Rose slowly unfurls her petals, looks toward the bright sky, takes a deep breath of air, and releases her first fragrance. She feels so beautiful and carefree. She knows that she will be loved today, like every other day, and in return she will share her loving fragrant soul.” —Lev Glazman, fresh Co-founder

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