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This creamy and light textured conditioner is a restorative hair treatment that gently yet effectively detangles for easy comb-through without breakage and a uniform silky rinse. Enriched with Ceramides and Acid Maleic, it instantly infuses weak brittle hair with active and healing particles that strengthen the hair length. Hair quality is visibly improved along the lengths and the hair fiber is sealed, coated and repaired for a smooth knot-free touch.


Kérastase created Résistance to help women better care for and repair their hair. 5 best sellers dedicated to damaged hair became cult products and are now today enriched with Sève de Résurrection or “resurrection sap” for even greater attentiveness to damaged fiber. These products attend to the needs of Erosion Levels 1-2 characterized by a slightly dry sensation, with lengths that seem tangled and when taken between the fingers, hair feels weak and shrunken. Kérastase newly introduces Résistance Thérapiste which infuses this cult range with newfound vitality by extending it to the needs of over-processed hair. Referred to as levels 3-4 of erosion, hair has an overall impression of dryness and is not as soft as it once was. Color is less vibrant, ends are damaged and the sensation has gone from “rough” to “hard.” Recreating fiber like new, that is the magnificent promise and prowess of Résistance Thérapiste.