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Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Fibre Clinix Booster and Conditioner NEW

$5.00 CAD $10.00 CAD

BC Fibre Clinix Boosters are developed with BC Bonacure’s unique skincare-inspired ingredients to target your specific hair needs. When mixed with the relevant BC Fibre Clinix Tribond Treatment, a hyper-customised care service is created to restore the inner and outer hair fibre damage, resulting in outstanding hair quality!

Developed with a unique skincare-inspired technology, each BC Fibre Clinix Booster targets different hair needs and can be customised during the BC Fibre Clinix Tribond Treatment.

  • Peptide Repair Rescue Booster for damaged hair
  • Hyaluronic Moisture Booster for normal to dry hair
  • pH 4.5 Color Booster for coloured hair
  • Collagen Volume Booster for fine hair
  • Keratin Smooth Booster for coarse and/or unmanageable hair

Conditioner and Fibre Clinix available.


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