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Swiss Line Age Intelligence Radiance Booster 10% Vitamin C 20ml NEW

$75.00 CAD

In topical use, vitamin C is of real benefit for the skin. Recognized as an antioxidant, it illuminates the complexion and reduces the signs of age. Vitamin C tones the skin when used over a prolonged period. Water soluble in its pure form, it is more stable in the form of a powder, but then the leasure of the cosmetic ritual is lessened. Here we offer a formula combing pure L-ascorbic acid - the most active, yet less stable for a vitamin C - and an ascorbic acid salt form, which greatly contributes to a better stability of the very high concentration used.


Watery gel; made to mix-in anything we can call skincare

Skin Types:

  • Lackluster and tired-looking skin
  • All in-need of recovery, regeneration and solutions to curb dermal stress
  • A great addition to boost all Age Intelligence and Cell Shock White treatments


  • Results in a fresher-looking skin, vibrant and younger complexion
  • Prolonged use contributes greatly to a firmer skin
  • Reverses photo-aging at cellular level with strong anti-oxidant power
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