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Valentino Donna Rosa Verde Eau de Toilette 125ml NIB

$105.00 CAD

What it is: Valentino Donna Rosa Verde steps into the verdant garden of an Italian palace, taking us on an early morning walk through its lush canopies of vegetation and secret hideaways, past mystical fountains and clear pools of water, dappled with sparkling sunlight.

Fragrance story: Bursting with rambling light green roses, their petals still wet from dew, the garden is a symbol of vitality, authenticity and new narrative paths. Inspired by the imagined scents of this garden, perfumer Sonia Constant has created Valentino Donna Rosa Verde, composed with notes of green rose, mate tea, bergamot, ginger and magnolia.

Style: Floral


- Top: Ginger

- Middle: Bergamot, Turkish rose

- Base: Magnolia, mate tea

  • 4.2 oz.
  • Made in Spain